Kino Black

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Inspired by one of our biggest passions Movies, every stripe represents a frame in a secuence and the light crossing them to create the magic of moving images.  Minimalistic and refined movement on every step.

All our BackPacks are the result of a kinky fusion between two fabrics.  
The first one, Made of Cordura®, a special fabric used on the majority of US Army combat uniforms, the mounting that holds the structure and express our astounding pattern designs.
The second one, 330g of high performance Nylon mesh, this beauty is super strong, breathable, and flexible.
And last but not least, our 8mm Polypropylene cord to keep it on your back without nasty wrinkles on your tops.

We handcraft each one of our backpacks, some small but good changes may happen between the photos and the real product. 


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