Honest Production
From the beginning of our quest in the fashion industry we had clear ideas, make a good product, quality in every aspect, design, fabrics, process, and ethics. 
By the moment we only use 5 different materials, and we design to keep it the same way, reducing as many processes as we can, fixing the patterns to fit almost everything saving energy and waste. One of the features of our backpacks is the long-lasting fabrics, hi-performance, and endurance, that's why we use Cordura, the most reliable.
We recently met a business guy who owns some factories in China, he asked us:  
“Why don’t you bring your designs to China?  we can produce them faster and cheaper”
Thanks! but No thanks! and here are our three reasons:
1. The design is one of the main values, we make unique pieces, handcrafted with perfection, so we can change them with our costumer's feedback.
2. We are very happy about helping our country by buying local suppliers and hiring local people.
3. Shipping products from China is expensive and bad for the environment and local economy.