Our family is the most important value we have, Victor and me Oliver we are not a regular couple, we’ve been together for more than twelve years having fun, running business, learning from our big mistakes and improving in every step we make. This new adventure is the result of a dream of future, supported by hard work and passion for design. 
Oliver Mier
Industrial Designer, with several degrees that no-one cares about, I’m the head of design and production. My creative process sometimes it’s hard to understand, I can get an idea from everywhere mostly at night when I’m sleeping or dancing Techno. I’m a self-taught person in many of my skills, I bought my first sewing machine 4 years ago, and I felt the fire on my veins since then I couldn’t stop. I think it was the right moment, now I’ve learned about business and life, something that school never teaches you.
Honest team
Over the years in the nightlife, we’ve been surrounded by people that believe in our dreams, but keeping their owns working every day to achieve them. We try to keep the energy positive and truthful as much as we can, helping them even in external issues.
Keeping our production process and suppliers in Europe we assure that every person that works for us is fairly paid, and the working conditions are the ones that the European laws demand.  We believe in the individuality inside our group, with full respect of family and relax time. Clear mind and body give us the best results.