Blase Gold

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Inspired by beer bubbling in the glass, you may figure up what we were doing that night. Abstracted into a geometrical and minimalistic pattern, you’ll feel the bibulous gold lashing your eyes.

This bag is different for what you are used too, it's not a simple backpack, its a perfect blend between good design, tactical fabrics and delicate handcraft.
Every detail was tested and designed, fabrics, ropes, and geometric patterns. Even if you may think that it's just a bag. We want to give you a one of a kind exclusive luxury piece, designed in Berlin and handcrafted in a small workshop in Madrid, Spain, where we work with passion.
Once you have it between your hands you’ll feel the devotion we casted on your astonishing purse, you’ll keep inside your day and night bliss.

Pagos 100% Seguros


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